TITAC seeks Confederacy letter on C-10

SIX NATIONS – Four representatives from the Turtle Island Trade and Commerce (TITAC) organization at Six Nations, requested a position paper from the Chiefs Council on taxation of Haudenosaunee people and their economy through Bill C-10 and other legislation.

Businesswomen Audrey Squire-Hill, Barb Henry, Teri-Lynn Brant and Andrea Curley spoke on behalf of TITAC.

“Onkwehon:we commerce is not about capitalism,” said Teri-Lynn Brant about the spirit behind TITAC. She also reminded the chiefs and clan mothers present that Six Nations Commerce is about self-identity and self-reliance of Haudenosaunee as a people.

The group was asking that an official position letter be drafted by the Chiefs to underscore their understanding of Canadian tax laws and the Haudenosaunee people.

Andrea Curley explained to the Chiefs that the petition they have begun at Six Nations against C-10 already has nearly 3,000 signatures on it already.

In it, those who sign on are stating that the Indian Act does not govern them, but rather the Two Row Wampum and the Great Law.

The group has produced a YouTube video explaining the Haudenosaunee perspective on C-10 and other legislation seeking to extract tax money from treaty abiding Onkwehon:we people.

Curley explained that in her door-to-door canvasing, she has found that some people are concerned saying that ‘my Chief has my back’, and so they would not sign it although they are open to it.

Cayuga Chief Blake Bomberry asked the TITAC reps where the petition information would go, to which he was assured that the list would go to the Confederacy and stay on reserve.

In conclusion, they reminded everyone that they conduct weekly information sessions for free at the G.R.E.A.T. theatre, every Thursday evening at 7 pm.

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