Unofficial nominee’s list for 57th Council

OHSWEKEN — It looks like there is going to be a lot of races for the new Elected Administrative Council. Seats and offices that have not been challenged for years are suddenly up for grabs as candidates for the 57th Elected Council line up.

Longtime District 1 councillor Dave Hill, for example, has been in office for 21 consecutive years, but this election he and fellow incumbent Lewis Basil Staats, will be facing opposition from four challengers.

The list published here is unofficial. All potential candidates must undergo a police check and have their eligibility checked, or vetted, before the nomination list becomes official, but as of Monday, the following names have been put forward.


Administrative Elected Chief: Incumbent, Ava Hill; former elected chief William Kenneth Montour; and Cynthia Lee Jamieson.



Incumbents, David Allan Hill, and Lewis Basil Staats; Audrey Lloy Powless-Bomberry; Catharine Joanne Bomberry; Joseph Randall Martin; and Hope Claudine VanEvery-Albert.



Incumbent, Carl Chancey Hill and Terry Allan General; Vicki Lee Martin; Lewis Craig Staats; and Barbara Gail Miller.



Incumbents, Roger Kevin Jonathan; Sherri-lyn Hill-Pierce; Ross John Johnson; and Charles Wayne Martin.



Incumbents, Wray E. Maracle and Rheva Helen Miller; Mark H. Staats; and Alaina Marie VanEvery.



Incumbent, Bob R.E. Johnson and Hazel Margret Johnson; and Evan N. Thomas.



Incumbents, Mark Bennett Hill and Melba Iris Thomas; and Lynn Travis Bomberry.


Eight names have been put forth for a position on the Resident Community Development Trust. They include; Catherine Joanne Bomberry; Sharon Joanne Bomberry, Sharon Joanne Martin; Roger K. Jonathan; Julie Ann Hill; Tammy Colette Martin; Darryl Kevin Martin (Bubba); and Shelby Jean White.


The advance poles are to open at Six Nations Polytechnic Nov. 12th and the general election is Nov. 19th, also at Polytechnic.

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