VIA Rail connecting communities with discount for Indigenous people

VIA Rail is helping connect people throughout Turtle Island with its latest commitment to Indigenous people and communities.

If travelling by train, the company is offering a 33 per cent discount towards any Economy, Business, Touring, or Sleeper Plus class ticket.

“VIA Rail aims to reflect Canadians’ values and to improve the mobility, health, environment, and quality of life of Canadians. Recognizing the need to renew our relationship with Indigenous peoples, VIA Rail understands that it has an important role to play on this path toward reconciliation,” said VIA Rail President and CEO Yves Desjardins-Siciliano.

Ever since its establishment in 1977, VIA Rail says it has been proud to engage with Canadians, connecting citizens from urban and rural regions alike, and strengthening cultural and economic interconnectedness.

“VIA Rail connects Indigenous communities across Canada and proudly maintains strong relationships with various Indigenous non-profits and organizations to assist in local events,” states VIA Rail’s site. “Travelling by train helps ensure the wellbeing of future generations.”

“We are proud to serve Indigenous communities from coast to coast as well as provide them with an Indigenous People discount that provides them a 33 per cent discount on regular VIA Rail fares. Beyond physical services, it is the spirit of collaboration and reconciliation that drives us in establishing lasting economic partnerships through targeted recruitment policies and procurement initiatives. Looking ahead, VIA Rail is committed to working hand in hand with the Canadian Council of Aboriginal Businesses to attain the Progressive Aboriginal Relations (PAR) certification,” reads VIA Rail’s Indigenous Relations Policy.

VIA Rail says it is committed to maintaining and enhancing relationships with Indigenous communities. This engagement includes information-sharing regarding proposed projects and future plans, collaboration on community ventures and celebrations, and strengthening efforts to share opportunities that facilitate prosperity and growth.

As VIA Rail strengthens ties with Indigenous communities, the company says it will continue to; recognize and appreciate the unique culture and values of Indigenous peoples in Canada; collaborate with Indigenous leaders and communities to develop more respectful, inclusive, and representative business practices; encourage Indigenous recruitment and engagement to increase Indigenous representation and participation in VIA Rail operations; provide a safe, reliable, and accessible service; and respect and acknowledge the diverse perspectives of Indigenous peoples in the country.

“Our vision is to make cities and communities more accessible, connected and sustainable. A safe and integrated transportation system, which responds to the needs of passengers, can only be realized by meaningfully engaging and partnering with the communities we serve. To this end, VIA Rail is building relationships with Indigenous groups, communities, and businesses. We are focused on working with these groups in a transparent, respectful, and mutually beneficial way,” said Desjardins-Siciliano.

Instructions and conditions for booking

– Create a VIA Rail profile.
– You may also contact VIA Rail customer service at 1 888 VIA-RAIL or 1 800 268-9503 for the hearing impaired.
– Book a one-way or roundtrip ticket by choosing the class and price plan that is not marked as discounted.
– Select the Promotional or Convention Discount and enter the discount code 13299.
– Present one of the following pieces of ID:
– Secure Certificate of Indian Status (SCIS).
– Métis National Council (and its regional organizations): Métis Nation of Ontario, Manitoba Métis Federation, Métis Nation of Saskatchewan, Métis Nation of Alberta, Métis Nation British Columbia.
– Inuit Land Claim Beneficiary Cards: Nunavut, Nunatsiavut, Inuvialuit Region, Nunavik

No ID is required for children 15 or under if they are accompanied by an adult with the appropriate documentation.

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