Voter turnout – federally and nationally

TORONTO — In Ontario — 6,787,042 voters out of 10,386,700 registered electors made it out to the polls. That is 65%. According to Elections Canada that number does not include voters who registered on Election Day.

In total 2.8 million voters cast ballots to Liberals, 2.2 million voters cast ballots to the Conservatives and 1.1 million votes went to the NDP. Just over 420,000 votes were cast to the Green Party.

Ontario Liberals at 79 seats have nearly twice as many MPs in parliament as Ontario Conservatives with 36 seats. The NDP have just 6 MPs in the province.

Nationally, the Liberals have 157 seats to the Conservatives 121 seats. The Bloc Quebecois take 32 and NDP hold 24. Six Green Party MPs were elected and just one independent.

Across all of Canada a total of 17,890,264 voters participated in the federal election out of 27,126,166 registered electors. That is about 66% of those registered who participated. That number does not include electors who registered on election day.

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