What to do with your bread and cheese

Bread and Cheese is back and doesn’t really need to be explained to most people who live in the area. Show up, greet some friends and family, play a few games and bring home some delicious lactose- and gluten-filled treats.

But what do families do with their hunks of white bread and Colby cheese handed out by the Six Nations Elected Council when, and if, it makes it home? Do you snack on the cheese block like a cheesy chocolate bar? Cut it up and eat it with some meat and crackers? Or, do you give it all to your friends and family to save on calories — and potential dashes to the washroom?

For a tradition that’s continued on as long as it has, and in such a populated and diverse territory, there are sure to be several different things people actually do with their gifts. Two Row Times asked a few families from Six Nations what they do with theirs.

“My family makes grilled cheese sandwiches and mac and cheese with ours,” said Ash. “We try our best to make it last a few days but it’s not always easy. Some years you get a sizeable chunk of cheese, and others your square can be teeny.”

To some Six Nations band members, when it comes to cheese, size matters.

“I get a little salty if the person in front of me gets a bigger piece of cheese. When I get a small chunk of cheese handed to me I’m always a little bummed,” said Leena Henry, adding that her brothers don’t like cheese all that much so sometimes they give her theirs.

“I take a few bites when I first get it and try my best to save it for home,” she added.

Henry said her family uses Bread and Cheese Day as an excuse to get the family together for a barbecue and fun.

“My aunt makes really good mac and cheese so I want to make sure I keep some cheese to contribute. It’s such a good reason for family to gather and just have fun, especially after these last few years with the pandemic getting in the way,” she said.

However you enjoy your bread and cheese, let us know! And don’t forget your lactose pills.

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