Wrestling takes the night in Hagersville again

HAGERSVILLE – A Friday night full of live-pro wrestling called in a full crowd of over 150 spectators from Hagersville and the surrounding area to the Hagersville Community Hall.

Cars filled not only the parking lot, but also the surrounding road sides as wrestling fans piled into the building to watch the likes of Funk E.Fresh and “Cuban Sensation” Elian Habanero.

Show co-ordinator and promoter Shayne Maracle said that because the first wrestling event, held in June, saw so much success — he hopes to organize similar wrestling events.

“Our plan is to have [these events] almost quarterly,” said Maracle. “We want to have it enough where the wrestling fans can have something to look forwards to.”

Maracle explained that June’s event had many wrestling fans asking when the next event would be. This helped to prove that they would have a consistent fan base arriving Friday night when the doors opened.

This time the event held a special ring podcast hosted by Zakk Atticus and special guest Beautiful Beaa, and the list of matches was bigger.

“There’s a few wrestlers here from last time and there’s new additions,” Maracle said.

The night offered matches between “Wild” Zebra Kid Vs. “BMD” Bret Michael David, “Devils Hitman” Nick Watts Vs. “Cuban Sensation” Elian Habanero, Funk E. Fresh Vs. “Riot Maker” Holden Albright, Joszef Alexiev with Baron Igor Sonavich Vs. Freedom Wallace, “EZE” Eric Cairnie Vs. “High Risk Hero” Rip Impact and the main event “Mr Oh So T.O.” Anthony Fiasco Vs. “Anarchy” Ad Hutchinson.

Maracle explained that this time they also got some new upgrades which included ring lighting and stage lighting to help enhance the experience for spectators and photographers.

As a wrestling fan himself Maracle says he feels “really good” about being able to bring the event back.

“I feel really good,” said Maracle. “Nerves got me the first time, like ‘does the city really want it back?’ Is it a one time thing?’ There were a lot of unanswered questions from last time and a group of us thought — ‘you know what… let’s do it again.’ And the interest is outstanding. Tons of people are here, tons of people are loving it.”

As SKM Promotions is in it’s first year of being an independent company, Maracle hopes those that are interested in checking out the event will keep their ears to the ground for future dates – there will be more.

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