You might see blue ribbons and they’re to support frontline workers

SIX NATIONS — Signs thanking front line workers have been abundant since March, as the COVID-19 outbreak continues to fluctuate throughout the world.

One nurse has created an initiative to help show support in an easy way, and the same nurse has seen her initiative grow throughout Ontario.

Claude Lauzon started The Blue Ribbon Project which has already gained support from thousands on social media.

The group on Facebook is called “The Blue Ribbon Project Front Line Awareness” and is a space to share the initiative and photos of those participating.

Participating is as easy as displaying a blue ribbon on your house to show support for all the men and women on the frontlines of the battle against COVID-19.

Lauzon lives in Waterloo and works at St Joseph’s Hospital in Hamilton.

The Facebook group is filled with photos of not just blue ribbons, but residents and business owners getting creative and stringing blue lights, blue signs, blue blankets, blue stickers on their front porches, trees, mailboxes, cars – all with the same heartfelt and sincere message: thank you.

Some residents in west end Belleville also have been showing their support for front line workers.

Residents on Palmer Road North have tied blue ribbons on trees in the area and constructed big, blue wooden hearts with “thank you” written on them.

Red ribbons also line Blecker Avenue also in support of those front line workers.

They say anyone working at the front of the pandemic, who needs a lift to their spirits, should take a short drive through their neighbourhood.

They’re encouraging others to do the same, in support of people who are trying to keep everyone safe and healthy during the novel coronavirus outbreak while possibly exposing themselves to the virus.

Cutline: The Blue Ribbon Project Front Line Awareness was created by a Waterloo nurse named Claude Lauzon. Now, the ribbon can be seen across the area as this photo was taken on Windham Road 3. Photo by Dave LaForce.

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