Missing Tyendinaga men finally found

It’s a bittersweet end for the families of the two young men who went missing more than two weeks ago on April 26th. Tyler Maracle, 21, and Matthew Fairman, 26, were discovered by two boaters on Friday afternoon, May 8th. Bell Media reported the OPP Marine unit had responded to a radio alert and were recovering one of the two men when another boater notified the OPP of the whereabouts of the second young man. They were found halfway between the Skyway Bridge and Lighthouse Island.

Dan Doreen, spokesperson for Matthew Fairman’s family, told Two Row Times that earlier in the day he’d seen dead fish starting to float so he knew that was the day they would be found.

Despite the whirlwind of emotions felt by the family, they are trying to take some comfort in having the men home and in being able to put them to “proper rest.”

Two Row Times also asked Doreen if the boat had been located.  Apparently the OPP Marine unit used sonar in the area the young men were found and the boat was also found on the floor of the Bay.

Doreen said, “They identified them by dental records. The family wanted to make sure with some Ongwehonwe eyes. I did one [identification] for Matty. It has also been determined there was no foul play and the boys had drowned.”  Doreen wants to put to rest any rumours regarding foul play and focus on the positive: “At least they’re home, the families can get some closure on it.”

The sacred fire will continue to burn until Sunday May 17th if anyone wants to come and burn tobacco. You can bring your own tobacco or use some they have at the fire.

Doreen also appreciates the kind words of so many people from all of the Haudenosaunee communities. He discusses the pride and comfort the families felt due to the overwhelming response of all the people who came out to search tirelessly every day, the women who did what they could and what needed to be done, and the Firekeepers who kept the sacred fire going.

Funeral arrangements had not been made at press time, but will be made soon.

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