A Grandmother’s patterns and Nike’s new N7

The 10th Nike N7 Collection was inspired by the original Navajo patterns of great grandmother to a Nike employee.

Creating stories out of colours and shapes just as she was taught in her childhood, Tracie Jackson, now a graphic designer for Nike, has brought her cultural influence to the 10th anniversary of the brand’s N7 collection.

Phoebe Nez, her great-grandmother, spent the majority of her life weaving and instilling many techniques of the Tsi’naajinii into the mind of a much younger Jackson. The very techniques that she now owes much of her career to.

Continuing the legacy of the late role model, the entire pack is ripe with the storm pattern — one of Nez’s favorites — bringing along Pendleton in what is a reunion near 6 years overdue.

Native to her own Navajo background, the weave, breathing with the hard work of years of dedication which has added a strong sense of personalization to each of the available pieces.

Hoodies, jerseys, joggers and even a blanket add these multi-color motifs throughout with each accompanying silhouette doing much of the same though in their own unique style.

Posed together are models of different backgrounds, including Autumn Peltier and members of the Team Haudenosaunee women and girls field lacrosse teams.

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