Florida high school apologizes for video

The Florida High School who performed a racially prejudiced impression of a Pow-Wow has issued a public apology this month.

The announcement, which can be seen on Baker County High School’s website reads, “The Baker County School District regrets any offence caused by the recent video that was placed on YouTube. The video was posted by The Baker County Press, a local newspaper. The district’s goal is to provide appropriate educational learning opportunities for all students without regard to race, color, religion, national origin, age or gender. It was never the district’s intent to offend or disrespect anyone or any culture. The district apologizes to anyone that has been offended.”

Last November, in preparation for American Thanksgiving, the school invited pre-kindergarten students to learn about the First Thanksgiving. A mock pow wow was held where some students were clad in mock war bonnets and black face paint. The performance included a dance in which the “chief” strutted through the “village” like a turkey.

The school assures proper measures have been take to prevent this kind of faux pas in the future saying, “The Baker County School District assures the public that the high school administration has taken appropriate steps to ensure that future educational activities of this nature will be depicted in a more historically accurate manner.”

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