Hippocrates Health Institute Charges Dropped

The Hippocrates Health Institute in Florida (HHI), and its director Brian Clements, have been cleared of charges from the Florida Department of Health.

brian clements
brian clements

A letter sent to Clements lawyer from the Florida Department of Health says that there was “insufficient evidence to pursue further legal action” against Clements. “Therefore,” the letter continues, “the Department has withdrawn the Notice to Cease and Desist and the Uniform Unlicensed Activity Citation served upon your client…”

In February, Clements was served with cease and desist orders and a fine for nearly $3500 from the Florida Department of Health, claiming he was being investigated for practicing medicine without a proper license.

The Clements issued a statement via email to the TRT saying, “The Department of Health’s decision to remove these charges conclusively demonstrates what we’ve said all along – that my wife and I are licensed nutritionists who have not and do not practice medicine,” said Brian Clement. “Anyone can make an allegation with limited merit or proof, but that doesn’t mean that accusation will hold up to the exhaustive scrutiny the Department deploys as part of its investigation. We appreciate the comprehensive process the investigators followed and are not at all surprised by their conclusions.”

These charges seemingly came as the Florida Department of Health received complaints in response to media and public backlash following Clements and the HHI assisting two Ongwehonwe families pursuing nutritional wellness after their daughters opted out of chemotherapy treatment for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia.

Clements is a naturopathic medical doctor and a nutritionist. He states his work with the Hippocrates Health Institute has been as a licensed nutritionist and that he does not practice medicine.

In October of last year, Clements came to Six Nations to share his understanding on energy in plant foods with the community. The community hall was packed with people interested in hearing more on how to reach holistic well-being through nutritious plant foods and holistic medicines as an alternative to pharmaceutical options.

According to their press release, HHI states that they offer clients a “welcoming climate where they can relax and renew in body, mind, and spirit. All programs at the Institute include a wide range of services including accommodations, enzyme rich meals from the raw organic buffet, nutrient dense green juices and wheatgrass, massage and spa treatments, consultations with a psychotherapist, over 40 hours of educational lectures per week, exercise classes and guided meditation.”

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