New website makes national forum for two spirit youth

A new website has been launched this week, giving two-spirited youth a place of belonging on the world wide web.

The 2 Spirits in Motion Society announced the website,, and held an online official launch ceremony for the virtual space.

The website is a hub of information, advice, advocacy and support for two-spirit youth aged 18-29 to tell their stories and connect through lived experiences as two-spirit, indigiqueer, 2SLGBTQIIAA+ people.

Jack Saddleback, Chairperson of the 2 Spirits in Motion Society, is from the Samson Cree Nation. He welcomed the new website and said it is a long time coming for indigenous two-spirited people, in particular youth, to find a space online to connect and relate to one another’s stories.

The website acts as a national hub for two-spirit youth and brings forward stories of coping with barriers for queer and two-spirit youth in Canada, explaining what gender and sexual identity looks like across the indigenous world, how two-spirit youth are making an impact across the country and highlighting two-spirit youth stories.

The Society is also creating a new podcast, which will be available on the site in January 2022.

The website can be viewed at

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