World Water Day 2023: Accelerating Change

World Water Day is an annual United Nations commemoration held on March 22 that emphasizes the importance of clean water. This year the theme is Accelerating Change and a campaign has been started to inspire people to take action to improve the way they use, consume, and manage water.

This year, World Water Day underscores the need for immediate action to address water and sanitation problems across the globe.

“It encourages individuals, families, schools, and communities all across the world to make a difference by changing how they use, and manage water in their daily lives,” says the organization. “The subject emphasizes the need for people to accept responsibility for sustainable water management and taking meaningful efforts to conserve and maintain this valuable resource.”

According to the campaign’s website, the topic emphasizes the significance of taking proactive efforts to address the water stress concerns that mankind is currently facing, and doing so at a rapid pace.

The site also states that the world is off-track to meet Sustainable Development Goal 6: water and sanitation for all by 2030. Sustainable Development Goal 6 is about clean water and sanitation for all. It is one of 17 Sustainable Development Goals established by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015, the official wording is: “Ensure availability and sustainable management of water and sanitation for all.”

“Billions of people and countless schools, businesses, healthcare centres, farms and factories don’t have the safe water and toilets they need,” says the site, adding that the UN World Water Development Report is available online. “To accelerate change, we need more action.”

According to World Economic Forum, nearly 771 million people across the globe lack access to clean water near their homes. Every year, poor sanitation and unclean water kill millions of people.

World Water Day is an annual event that strives to raise awareness about the critical importance of freshwater and encourage sustainable water management practices. Water availability and management are critical for human life and success because it is one of the most valuable resources on our planet.

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WWD.jpg: Nearly 771 million people across the globe lack access to clean water near their homes. Photo courtesy of UN World Water Day 2023



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