OPP release report on murdered and missing indigenous people

A report from the Ontario Provincial Police (OPP) states that progress is being made on solving the numerous cases of murdered and missing indigenous people in Ontario.

The report was released on December 16 and says 8 of the 54 murders of indigenous women that have been investigated by the OPP remain unsolved.

Out of the 46 solved female indigenous homicides it was found that — 9 were murdered by a family member, 17 were murdered by their partner or spouse, 19 were murdered by someone who knew the victim and one was of an unknown circumstance.

A separate part of the report focuses on homicides of indigenous men. It says that from 1978 to 2014, there were 126 homicides of indigenous men in OPP jurisdiction, with one remaining unsolved.

Of the 125 cases that were solved — 35 were murdered by family members, 10 were murdered by their partner or spouse, 70 were murdered by someone who knew the victim, 9 were of unknown circumstances and one was not available.

Of the eight missing indigenous women reported to the OPP who remain missing, the force says foul play is possible or suspected in one case. Of the 39 cases that involve missing indigenous men, police believe foul play is possible or suspected for 22 cases.

The OPP began reviewing all cases involving indigenous victims starting in 2011 and police don’t consider a case solved until a criminal charge is laid.

The report from the OPP is a sign that the nation is seeking reconciliation.

“Reconciliation means that all Canadians, all organizations, all political stripes and authorities, roll up their sleeves and begin to change a nation,” said Chief Isadore Day, Ontario Regional Chief. “The Ontario Provincial Police report on missing and murdered First Nation citizens gives us a good starting point.”
The report, which can be downloaded at www.opp.ca, includes a compilation of case file information, except in a few cases where families didn’t consent to their release.

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