20 Years of Racing for the Prevention of Diabetes

The Kahnawake Schools Diabetes Prevention Project (KSDPP) hosted the 20th Annual Races for diabetes prevention on June 3rd at the Karonhianonha School in Kahnawake.

Students from Akwesasne, Kanesata:ke, Tyendinaga, Wahta participated despite the weather. Although it didn’t rain much the humidity made the day almost unbearable.

However, the heat didn’t deter any of these first place winners; Nursery School: Karahkwa Lahache of Step by Step and Iowisontion White of Karonhianonhnha; Kindergarten: Jackson Norton of Kateri and Olivia Brant of Quinte Mohawk School (QMS); Grade One: Tehakenhatennis Cook from Freedom School and Iakosenniio Lahache from Indian Way; Grade Two: Ohweistonanoron D’Aillaeboust from Karonhianonhnha and Kahentienonhtha Green of Karonhianonhnha; Grade Three: Tehkorahkwaneken Albany of Kateri and Kawennaiesen McGregor of Karonhianonhnha; Grade Four: Jayce Delaronde of Selwyn House and Tsitha Montour of Karihwanoron; Grade Five: Koleton Marquis of Karonhianonhnha and Brianna Gurr of QMS; Grade Six: Ty Two Axe Kateri and Melissa Stacey also of Kateri.

Judy Jacobs, office manager of the KSDPP, says, “[The race] is used as a promotion for diabetes prevention to get the families working out with their families, running, walking, because it doesn’t matter who wins or who comes in fastest, as long as they complete it.”

They added a new category this year for the older students who help the younger students in their respective races. They also have the fastest boy, Jayce Delaronde, and the fastest girl, Tsitha Montour. The day begins with the nursery and kindergarten students racing ½ mile while everyone else runs a mile. Half way through the student’s races a community race is held. The community race encourages anyone from the community to join in on the fun and run a mile. The winners of the community race were Brooke Stacey and Francis Cropas.

Tyendinaga students placing within the top ten are as follows: Along with the two first place winners from QMS the other winners from the school are Mikenna Ford Pre-Kindergarten with 10th place, Katste Grant and Caroline Markland Kindergarten with 4th and 8th place, Neeleigh Ray Ford Grade One with 5th place, Cooper Maracle-Moore Grade Two with 5th place, Emily Restoule, Brie Bonner, Olivia Hill Derach Grade Two placing 4th, 5th, and 6th respectively, Kendra Vesterfelt Grade Three with 4th place, Wesley Bonner Grade 4 with 2nd place, Bradley Bonner, Kanonhsase Brant, Kendall Tabobandung, Emmalee Brown, and Hannah Hill with 2nd, 3rd 2nd, 6th, and 7th respectively.

Tehontahkwen Brant Grade One placed 2nd and Goniksadoh Jamieson Grade Four placed 9th both of Kawenna on:we Immersion school.

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