Cayuga Nation Schoolhouse unveiled

SENECA FALLS – The Cayuga Nation Unity Council recently unveiled its new Cayuga Nation Schoolhouse on Friday in Seneca Falls, NY.

The intent of the new facility is to provide a center for teaching Cayuga culture, including language, songs, dances, traditional foods, etc. to all ages. The design of the building is inspired by a longhouse, the traditional heart of Haudenosaunee communities.

Cayuga culture has survived separation from its land among groups of Cayugas living on other Haudenosaunee territories. Many Cayugas know Seneca or Onondaga culture, but not their own, and are looking for opportunities to learn without traveling to Grand River, the strongest base of Cayuga culture. The Schoolhouse is one of many services and programs provided to Cayuga citizens returning to their homeland by the Cayuga Nation Unity Council.

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