Huge ice storm affects millions

A major ice storm wrapped its cold fingers around most of the northeast coast of North America Sunday, causing closures traffic snarls and disrupting electric power to millions of people.

It was part of an ice storm, which affected millions from Northern Texas to Kentucky to New York Vermont and as far north into Quebec.

Freezing rain began late Saturday evening and left trees with a heavy coat of ice. When the branches could handle no more weight, they came down taking power lines with them.
The resulting power outages affected about 350,000 people in Ontario.

As much as 20-30 mm of made ice for made for picturesque visuals, but very dangerous driving and walking.

Flight cancelations stranded hundreds of Christmas travellers at Pearson International Airport.

The storm also affected the Two Row Times production of this week’s newspaper. But with generators and candles and some stellar work by Chris McNaughton of Indicative Solutions to get our Internet server up and running, the staff was able to produce this week’s paper.

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne promised whatever resources necessary to those stranded without heat and power for several hours.

“We’re going to bring in the resources that are needed to deal with the situation,” Wynne told a news conference on Sunday.

Hydro One workers were out in force and ready to work all night Sunday to get power restored, but the slippery road conditions and downed trees made getting to trouble spots treacherous.

Municipalities along Highway 401 especially near the Lake Ontario shoreline took the full brunt of the storm which some official say could take days to recover from.

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