Six Nations Elected Band Council Brief

OHSWEKEN — The Six Nations Band Council General Meeting took place on August 11th.  The Human Services Committee (HSC), Donation Committee, and the Six Nation’s Fire Department (SNFD) New Station Project Team all brought recommendations to the General Council, and all were approved.  The last three items on the agenda were Niagara Falls Tourism, the Housing – CMHC Audit, and a listing of events the Chief or other Council Members would be attending over the next two months.

After accepting the agenda, Chief G. Ava Hill informed Council that Brian Maracle, Mohawk Language Instructor, was busy and therefore Mohawk lessons would be cancelled for the evening and scheduled to begin again in September.

Edward Hunter was given approval to “sell products made from Maple [such as] syrup, sugar, and candy.” Chief Hill added that should Hunter want to sell anything beyond the maple products listed, he is instructed to go before the Council again.

The HSC was approved to coordinate a working group made up of health service providers to write a response to a discussion paper entitled “Updating the Child and Family Services Act: A Review of Submissions and Aboriginal Partner Perspectives to advance and guide the development of Prevention Child Welfare Law focused on healing and family preservation.”  Katherine Hensel will be hired to facilitate that discussion, and Adrienne Pelletier and her working group from the Anishinabek Nation will be invited to present their Child Welfare Law.

The Director of Health Services was approved to be the signatory for the annual medical transportation contracts, between Six Nations Health Services and the Non-insured Health Benefits (NHIB) individual drivers that run between $10,000 and $60,000 per driver.

The Ministry of Children and Youth Services – Youth Justice Division Services was approved to contract over $170,000 for Aboriginal Extra Judicial Measures, Aboriginal Community/Personal Service Order, Aboriginal Reintegration and Support Services, and Aboriginal Probation Services.

The final HSC approved recommendation was to accept one-time funding for the First Nations Mental Wellness Continuum Framework Implementation Project.

The Donations Committee was approved to waive the almost $500 rental fees for the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women’s concert that was held on July 18th at Chiefswood Park.

The Six Nation’s Fire Department (SNFD) New Station Project Teams’ recommendations were all approved.  First, Band Council approved $9,310 for additional site review, meetings and sub-consultant fees, a $7,500 change to the generator design, and up to $50,000 for a kitchen upgrade to the New Station.

An amendment to Lanca Contracting Limited was approved.  The amendment affected the final contract amount by $8,578.50.  The money was incorrectly attached to a Lanca Contracting Ltd contract instead of the KLM contract where it belonged.  A post approval was given to approve Lanca Contracting Ltd to increase the contract to $1,926,718.50.

The Band Council approved Damar Security Systems’ proposals for a total of $9,025.

Niagara Falls Tourism is bidding to host the Assembly of First Nation’s Annual General Assembly 2016 and hope to partner with Six Nations. Band Council is interested however they will be expecting financial support from Niagara Falls Tourism to provide the cultural and social activities.

Elected Council approved the financial statements of Six Nations Housing CMHC pre-1997 and CMHC Post-1997.  The Chief has been authorized to sign the statements for the Year Ended March 31, 2015.

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