Six Nations now has 7 total cases of COVID-19

Four new cases of the COVID-19 virus have been confirmed in Six Nations of the Grand River territory bringing the total to 7 confirmed in the territory.

The positive test results were reported on April 1, 2020.

Six Nations of the Grand River said in a statement the individuals “began self-isolating upon symptom development and testing; and continued to self-isolate until test results were communicated. They were monitored by Public Health through the duration of this time.”

Ohsweken Public Health officials have been contact tracing each case on Six Nations and reaching out to those they came into contact with.

“These contacts were also advised to begin self-isolation immediately, and were educated on monitoring for symptoms and the need for ongoing self-isolation measures” said SNGR.

The statement did not address whether the 4 new cases have been due to shared contact with the 3 earlier cases reported or if they are new cases entering the community.

“I join the community in sending strength to all those who receive positive confirmation today,” says Six Nations of the Grand River Elected Chief Mark Hill. “Now is the time to increase our diligence as a community. COVID-19 is here and we must re-double our efforts to slow the spread and save lives.”

“Now is the time to show the true strengthen of our community by taking all necessary precautions to slow the person to person contact,” adds Elected Chief Mark Hill.

Public Health Officials are reminding people to:

– Take every measure to stay at home, especially if they feel ill;
– Practice physical distancing if they do have to go out in public;
– Keep their bodies and surroundings clean and disinfected, especially their hands by washing them often and for at least 20 seconds;
– Monitor themselves for symptoms that include coughing, fever, and difficulty breathing, reporting any signs immediately to the Six Nations COVID-19 Information and Assessment Centre at 1-855-977-7737 or 226-446-9909

Applicants and volunteers are asked to visit

Six Nations members who are experiencing symptoms of COVID-19 are asked call the Six Nations COVID-19 Information and Assessment Centre at
1-855-977-7737 or 226-446-9909.

Those requiring urgent medical attention should call 911.

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