SNGR General Council briefs: horse barn lease, road conditions on Sixth Line, Indian Day Schools settlement

OHSWEKEN – The Six Nations Horsemen Association approached Six Nations of the Grand River council for clarification on the lease agreement to the horse barn at the Ohsweken Fairgrounds.

The previous lease has ended and the Association says there is no one currently covering maintenance duties at the site.

The Association offered to take over the maintenance responsibilities at the barn, and raised concerns about having potholes in the area filled.

SNGR agreed to work with the Association and get clarity on the details of the previous lease and transition to creating a new one.

A Six Nations band member and resident of Sixth Line west of Chiefswood Road approached SNGR with concerns about the roadway in their neighbourhood.

Rod Whitlow says the section of Sixth Line between Seneca Road and Chiefswood Road is still an unpaved clay surface and is hazardous to travel, causing a risk to school children in the area and making it difficult for first responders to access that part of the reserve.

Whitlow has organized a petition with landowners in the area to advocate for the council to provide funding in the next budget to fix the road surface and pave it.

Six Nations Public Works Director Micheal Montour says that part of the issue is local landowners who do not wish to participate in road expansion or other work on their property.

Whitlow pointed out that in the 1990s a previous version of the Community Plan committed to all roads on Six Nations being paved in a 20 year time frame.

SNGR committed to working with Public Works, Whitlow and the local landowners on Sixth Line to reach an amicable solution for all parties.

Six Nations Health will be modernizing the Mobile Crisis serve. The agency is now in the first of four phases to modernize the way they respond to immediate crisis needs by implementing a live chat, texting and social media presence 24/7.

SNGR has physical copies of the Indian Day Schools settlement application package available for band members. Gowling WLG is the only certified firm assisting with applications. There is no need to secure an additional lawyer to fill out the forms.

Free help is available by calling 1-888-221-2898.

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