AIAI honours MMIWG

The National Day of Awareness for Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls was recognized in 2018 to happen annually on May 5. This was to assist in raising concern for the crisis and that those we have lost are not forgotten. In order to recognize them it was asked that people wear red as a symbol to honour the MMIWG.

Grand Chief Joel Abram states “This day is meant to refocus attention on the issue, and that we look for and remember those that are missing or murdered. Some may have passed on and

others may have been taken from us, but if we work together we can either locate them or at

least bring some closure for their families”.

AIAI Stands in solidarity with the countless families and communities that experienced a loss. To show our support AIAI Staff and those from our member communities have participated in a collection of pictures wearing red to show our support.

We ask that others join in this show of support by wearing the color red today and to read

about this crisis. It is unique and that it is only has grown as big as it has is due to the racism

that is shown towards our Indigenous women and we need to make sure they will not be failed

again by anyone.


Association of Iroquois and Allied Indians

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