Ask Kitty, Happy New Year Everyone!

I have at least a dozen letters asking what can be done in terms of gardening in the cold month of January. Here is my best answer: Dream! Dream about what you will grow. Dream what you will do to your garden this year that makes it different or the same. Order your seed and plant catalogues now. When they arrive in the mail or on your computer read them over, and pick your seeds and plants. Go over them again and again, maybe include your family in the choices. This makes a fun family activity and your children may surprise you with their choices. Make lists and checklists for what you will plant by seed, or start early in the house. Now would be the time to find sources of manure, compost and soil to be ready to amend your garden if needed. Check your garden tools and see if you need or want anything new. There is nothing like perusing the garden tools in a garden catalog.

The garden you dream about will warm your gardening soul a little during this cold, wintry month.

Happy garden dreaming,


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