Changing my garden’s drainage

Ask Kitty
Dear Kitty,

I have a question that is sort of odd. What can I do to change my garden’s draining capabilities? This summer the heavy rain flooded my garden several times and I had a skimpy harvest. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Soggy Garden
Dear Soggy Garden,

Great question! Now is a good time to do some drainage work for next season. A couple of quick and easy solutions are to add large amounts of organic matter (compost). When you have high organic matter in your soil, excess moisture can drain through while plants still get the nutrients and water they need. The other easy thing to do is to create channels or trenches with a shovel or trowel. Be sure they are directing the water to a lower spot away from your garden. You can also direct the channels toward a hole you dig. Put gravel or stone at the bottom of the hole. Envision a sump pump hole, so about 2 feet across and 2-3 feet deep.

If the problem of your garden flooding is severe, you may want to add raised beds to your space or use a graveled channel system that culminates in a separate water garden.

Water gardens are beautiful and a useful way to collect water. This may be useful for dry spells. I hope one of these suggestions helps your water-logged garden next season! Good for you for planning and strategizing ahead to have your best garden ever!

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