Family who have gardens

Dear Kitty,

I have lots of family who have gardens, so I kind of just wait for handouts from them. So I want to give them gifts that show my appreciation but are useful. No lame gloves or a silly sun hat!


Good Gift Giver

Dear Good Gift Giver

What a great Ask Kitty question! So thoughtful. I suggest a lovely sun hat and some gloves! Just kidding. Although they are great gift ideas, you are wanting something more in-depth as suggestions.

Here are a few lovely, thoughtful, possible gifts:

  • How about a handmade basket for harvesting from the garden?
  • A sharpener for clippers, scissors etc.
  • A small filing box for putting seed packs in
  • A pail with strings, sticks and markers to lay out their garden
  • Some cute garden markers (store bought or handmade)
  • Garden diary
  • Garden books for drooling over
  • Subscriptions to a fun gardening magazine
  • What about a garden apron that you personalize?
  • Garden stool or knee pads
  • Personalized watering can
  • Maybe a few packs of seeds you collected yourself

I hope these ideas are helpful. I am so very touched by your appreciation of the gardeners in your life.

Happy Gift Giving,


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