First year in my own home with a little yard

Dear Kitty,
This is my first year in my own home with a little yard. I put in my first garden. I have worked hard in my garden all summer. Now I am enjoying an amazing harvest. I wondered if you could get me started on what I should be doing in my garden and yard with fall coming.

What to Do for Fall

Dear What to Do for Fall,

I just love stories like yours! A house with a yard and you grew your own food. I congratulate you all around.

Here is a quick starter list for things to do in September:
– Collect seeds and herbs to dry
– Cover water features/ponds with netting to catch leaves
– Add compost to garden beds
– Check house plants you brought outside for pests and begin moving plants indoors
– Plant your new trees and shrubs to give them at least six weeks before a frost
– Plant or move any perennials if they need a new spot to give them six weeks before a frost
– Plant spring flowering bulbs
– Clean bird feeders
– Clean your gardening tools before putting them away
– Bring any clay pots in before the end of the month (clay pots do not like the cold winter weather and may crack or break)
– Pull all your weeds to reduce the number of weeds in the spring

I hope this helps you get started. Enjoy your new little home, yard and garden!

Loving the fall season, Kitty

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