Sad About Our Plants

Dear Kitty,

I have a very seriously upset family. We spent a lot of time growing our seeds to seedlings and carefully planting them outside the beginning of June. They were doing very well and suddenly half of them are either gone or shrivelled up really bad. I don’t know what we did wrong but any ideas you could share I would appreciate.


Sad About Our Plants


Dear Sad About Our Plants,

First and foremost congratulations on growing your own seedlings!

Second please tell your family you all did nothing wrong. I am so glad you still have some of your plants and my guess is they are your heartiest.

Here are some scenarios that may have caused your tiny seedlings demise. Number 1: last week my frost alert alarm went off at 3:10 AM. Yes — I have an alarm for when the weather slips into the frost zone! I went outside and sure enough a slight but obvious frost was on the grass and the windows of my truck. It didn’t stay long and disappeared at the first light of dawn. That may have been too much for your smallest seedlings.

Number 2: is the combination of hard rain, terrific heat, and then chilly nights. Seedlings often cannot survive the drastic changes in weather we’ve been having this happy spring.

I wish I could have been there like a giant umbrella and cover your garden. But in lieu of that I offer this, come to the Our Sustenance Greenhouse and I will supply you a few seeds of things that are happy to be planted from seed. Keep nurturing your remaining seedlings and know that you will still be able to have a harvest!

I am so happy to have you and your family growing a garden and I send happy gardener blessings to you and your seedlings!

Happy Happy Gardens,


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