Simple ways to stylize with plants

Green Tip: Macrame plant hangers are enjoying a resurgence in popularity as trends shift toward unconventional and eclectic decor. Don’t be scared to give it a shot.

Styling your home with indoor plants is a fun way to vamp up your interior without having to repaint, buy furniture or remodel. Plants add different textures and colours and can completely change the vibe of any room. How you style yours all comes down to what you’re looking for. Here are some simple plant styling tips to point you in the right direction.

Fill an awkward gap or corner with plants of varying levels and heights. Photo by Minh Pham on Unsplash

Use different levels: A lot of good things come tiered. Cake. Concert halls. Even nesting coffee tables get me a little more excited than most people. For good reason; adding plants of different levels and heights can really break up a tight congested corner or fill an awkward gap. Use at least three planters of varying height to create the effect.

Add a terrarium: A home within a home. says terrariums make a great focal point in your home, office, studio or wherever you want to place it. Terrariums create an ecosystem that is unique to them and require little care and attention as they pretty much water themselves. YouTube “Terrarium Plantsome Tips” for a head start.

Create a fern centrepiece: Almost every dining room could use a fun, creative centrepiece to heighten the ambiance. Boston ferns are a popular and easy to care for choice that if paired with the right cover pot could add just the right pop of colour needed in what is normally a dark room.

Assess your environment: Before getting too far ahead of yourself, says it’s important to assess the environmental conditions of your place; citing you want to do some research and make sure the plants you bring in will thrive in your space. As much as I love buying plants for aesthetic reasons, it’s not worth it if that plant can’t even survive where you plan on putting it.

“Assess the natural light in your home as well as your lifestyle, schedule, and experience caring for plants before going to the plant shop. Ask yourself questions like, Does my home receive bright direct, bright indirect, moderate, or low light? Do I have drafty windows? Tons of air conditioning vents? Overpowering heat and humidity? Your answers will help you select the right plants for your space,” says the site.

Hang them high: Many plant parents look forward to the day they’ve learned enough to know how and where to hang some of the cool crawling plants they’ve collected since getting into the community. If you’ve got the ceiling space, now is the time to use it. Make sure you consider what types of screws and hardware you need to ensure the best hold, but other than that I suggest being creative as you select where you hang a plant from. Maybe choose one room with lots of sunlight and good air circulation. Add some ferns and pops of colour to really make your trailers and crawlers pop.

Cycle through fun pots: When it comes to display pots for your plants, don’t settle for the ordinary, says I’m going to guess that there is a pot out there with the exact shape, size, colour or texture to make any plant parent smile when they look at it. You just might have to order it in or scour every garage sale you come across. The versatility of pots makes it easy to add a playful vibe to your space with colours and bold shapes.

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