Correction: Archaeology and history of Tutela Heights

Misquoted in November 4 story

I am writing about an article that you published in the Nov. 4, 2015 issue of Two Row Times. It is the article on the archaeology and history of Tutela Heights. I was quoted in the article (page 4). I would like to request an errata.

First of all, I was not aware that my conversation with Jim Windle in the hallway of Six Nations Polytechnic on Nov. 3 was for publication purposes – I was not told that it was an interview for an article in your newspaper.

Secondly, I was misquoted. I did say to Jim Windle that that there are a few archaeological consulting companies that have done careless or poor archaeological work and that I know of instances where archaeological consultants have cut corners and missed archaeological materials when examining a development property. I did not say that archaeological consulting firms are committing outright fraud by taking money from developers to find nothing.

Lastly, the manner in which the article is written and the placement of my quote in the article leads the reader to believe that I am implying Archaeological Services Inc. is one of those careless companies. In fact, Archaeological Services Inc. is an exemplary archaeological consulting firm and does excellent work in the field, in meeting their license requirements, and in the publication of their findings.

I communicated this to Jim Windle during our conversation. I would like my comments in this email published in the next issue of your paper to set the record straight.

​Kindest regards,

Gary Warrick

Associate Professor, Brantford Campus, Wilfrid Laurier University

Reporters’ note:

I am truly mortified that Professor Gary Warrick felt ambushed by myself in last week’s article regarding the Tutela Heights development. I have tremendous respect for Mr. Warrick and sincerely apologize for misrepresenting his comments. Although I told him I was doing an article on the Tutela Heights project, I did not specifically tell him his comments would be published. He and I have has several conversations over the years and I consider him a great source of reliable information.

I accept full responsibility for any misunderstanding and possible bad reflection on Professor Warrick from this article. He and I both have great respect for Mr. Williamson as certainly one of the best and most trustworthy Archaeological firms in Ontario. I, in no way intended to be critical of the work of Mr. Williamson or ASI.

Jim Windle

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