Egg Head

The other day, I had an interesting physical experience with the Natural world that we live in.

Every day, I am blessed with an array of messages and communications with Mother Nature, spirits and ancestors that communicate with me through the elements of the natural world. Sometimes, I don’t notice that I’m being contacted right away, and it takes a bit more obvious measures to ensure that the message has been received. Yet, nonetheless, the relentless determination of these spirits prevails my ignorance, and I am all ears and eyes to whatever it is that is trying to be said to me.

My decision to be fully in tune with Nature is a journey that began just over a year ago. Despite my growing relationship and understandings of Nature and her messages, there are still times where I struggle to hear exactly what is being said to me.

Perhaps, I’m overthinking the messages. Perhaps, every once in a while, the message is simply a “hello”, or “don’t lose focus”.

My recent experience was a bit different, but still one-lined and simple.

I’m sure everyone has at one point in their life closed their eyes, and spoke out to some unknown force and said: “give me a sign”, asking for guidance or clarity.

I was leaving my house the other morning, with something specific on my mind. A new venture had presented itself to me, and although it attracted me in many ways, I suppose I still had my “justified” doubts. Although my mind kept leaning in favour of this new adventure, doubt loitered sneakily in the corners of my mind.

I was confused. I knew I wanted to be on this new avenue, so why was I still experiencing fear and doubt?

And then, just as this question crossed my mind, a gigantic drop of water fell right smack in the middle on the top of my head.

As a kid, did you ever play that game where you pretend to crack an egg on someone’s head? The sensations seem so real, consuming your full attention in that moment. Despite what you’re thinking, or the fact that you know it isn’t a real egg being cracked on your head, you can’t help but focus all your energy and attention on that single sensation.

I believe that this interaction with Nature was a message; focus on the sensations, but remember that it’s not a real egg!

With the element of surprise, Mother Nature showed me that my worldly worries and doubts were nothing but fake eggs being cracked on my head. That the sensations I feel are real, and that is the mindset I should stay faithful to.

With a single (giant) drop of water on the very top of my head, I was snapped out of my “worry-circle” and with mild shock was re-tuned in my awareness of my body and spirit.

Now with the help of the spirits and forces around me, I tread forward into this new venture; fearless and without a speck of doubt.

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