To ensure that children and parents enjoy a safe Hallowe’en weekend, the Six Nations Police Service will be conducting RIDE checks throughout the Territory and foot patrols of the Village, both Devil’s Night (Friday 30th) and Hallowe’en Night (Saturday 31st).

Community members that will be using the roadways on Hallowe’en night are reminded to slow down and pay extra attention while driving.  Watch for trick or treaters that are walking along the streets, roadways and at intersections.  Enter and exit driveways carefully.  Be alert around vehicles that have stopped on the roadway as they could be dropping off young “trick or treaters”.

Remember that children of all ages, dressed in a variety of costumes, will be out and about.  Don’t expect that all the youngsters will adhere to all the safety tips given by schools and parents.  If you are driving, expect the unexpected, be a little more cautious.  Drive below the posted speed limit and give yourself enough time to brake should a child dart out in front of you.  Do your part to ensure that Hallowe’en is a fun and safe time for all.

For more safety tips for children and parents check out the Six Nations Police Facebook page or “halloween-safety.com”

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