HDI Meeting Concerns

Hazel Hill is currently acting as: Chief Executive Officer of “the corporation”, the Executive Director of HDI, she also sits on the board of HDI, is the caretaker of “the corporation” and is a certified Notary Public for the province of Ontario.

In order to be a notary public a person must be a Canadian Citizen. They become a government officer or a federal agent of Canada.

Being a notary public makes Hazel a servant of the Canadian public and she is required to provide service in an honest, fair and unbiased manner. She must also give precedence to the rule of Canadian and provincial law over the dictates or expectations of any persons (such as the confederacy) or entity (HCCC/HDI).

To me this to me is a giant red flag and a major conflict of interest as these are all in violation of the Great Law.

Hazel stated that becoming a notary public is “the same as getting a driver’s license” It’s not.

Not just anyone can become a notary public. Successful candidates must be in a profession that is requires to notarized documents. According to the Canadian Ministry of the Attorney General, “government officials, an Ontario registered corporation engaged in international and inter-provincial trade and/or commerce, patent or trademark agents, head offices of national or provincial unions engaged in out-of-province business.”

However, although HDI’s corporation was not developed until October 20, 2014, Hazel notarized a document on June 24th 2014. How did Hazel, as an employee of HDI/HCCC qualify under Canadian law as a notary public before she was part of HDI’s corporation?

Hazel cannot serve Canada as well as the HCCC. How our Confederacy Council can let this slide is beyond me. Perhaps their legal advisor isn’t doing his job.

Aaron Detlor is also in conflict. He is listed as HDI’s advisor, sits on HDI’s board making himself his own boss, and is also secretary to the corporation as well as a caretaker of the corporation as a member of HDI.

With all these conflicts HDI still cannot understand why the confederacy, aka the people are looking for answers.

Aaron Detlor made a statement in August 27th’s meeting “nobody will sell land to the Indians and if they do they jack the prices up”. But how true is that? Are we simply to take his word for it?

According to a real estate lawyer owners can’t list a price over their assessment value. To not sell to “Indians” would be against the code of human rights! But a good legal advisor should have known that, it’s called due diligence isn’t it?

One would think a good lawyer could bring suit against a price hike or refusal to sell based on racial discrimination. This is 2015 after all.

This HDI Corporation, which is registered with Ontario, is putting these lands the HDI purchased for “the people” under Ontario’s jurisdiction, subject to taxation.

But Aaron knew that. He was on the legal team for lands bought under Chabre Holdings Inc. out in Oneida. Those lands that were also subjected to taxes and are at risk of being lost to tax auction!

What I find odd is the papers failed to mention an Oneida man along with representatives of his clan and their clan mother stood up at this meeting on August 27th and told the people that 2 men had been illegally condoled as Royanni for their nation but are not Oneidas: one is a Chippewa and the other a five time band council Chief.

Hazel told this man to go back to his clan family – told him that was Oneida business and to “clean your house”, it had to be taken up with Oneida.

One would think she has the responsibility to look into this information before continuing business as usual.

The man from Oneida also verified that Aaron was one of the lawyers that were given the job of transferring their land to tax free status. Their legal team pitched them the same story of “we just won’t pay taxes”.

However, there is no statute in Canadian law, nor is there precedence set, that recognizes a traditional council’s right to transfer land to tax free status.
Again, a good corporate and/or real estate lawyer would know that. At least, the one I contacted for an opinion did.

I’m wondering if HCCC got a second opinion, or if they took Aaron’s word. Do they know what is going on in Oneida and what part Aaron played in it?

This situation reminds me of a reading that was done during the heat of 2006 in Caledonia. A man in white would come to the people and lead them astray, we will think he’s a good person but he is not, he’ll take people with him and we will fight with each other. Any of this sound familiar?

Cayuga Nation Wolf Clan.

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