Letter to the editor Premier Wynne new years resolution is to take more money out of our pockets

Is premier Wynne New Year’s resolution again is to continue to take more money out of our pockets as the cap and trade tax starts on just about everything we buy on Jan. 1 2017. We already pay HST on just about everything we buy thanks to the liberals.

Premier Wynne is imposing a hidden 4.3 cent a litre gas tax which includes home heating oil then she is charging HST on top of the gas tax.

When the liberals announced their $87 billion hydro upgrades in 2007 it had very little to do with the environment as a spokesperson for former energy minister Brad Duguid had stated. Even if Quebec hydroelectric power is clean energy we won’t purchase the power because it won’t create jobs in Ontario so Ontario is going to invest $9 billion to produce 1.5 per cent of our power by solar by 2030 and develop a solar industry in Ontario.

While the Liberal’s were boasting this would create 50 thousand jobs other experts had stated that for every green job created three to four other jobs are lost. Also the liberals ignored data from the experts that said hydro rates would rise and greenhouse gas reduction may not even occur under there wind and solar power agenda.

Premier Wynne finally acknowledged the Liberals messed up in their hydro plan so she decided to give us different forms of hydro rebates which will get added on to our predicted provincial debt of $370 billion by 2020. I would also like to note when the liberals took office our provincial debt was [roughly] $138 billion.

The other things that don’t make any sense is we export power to Quebec, Manitoba, and the U.S. at major loss — also on March 4 2016 the OPG released a report that in 2014 to 2015 the OPG spilled water or diverted water at our Ontario hydroelectric dams which would be equivalent to 3.2 terawatts of power to fully supply 350 thousand homes in each year which we had to pay for and now premier Wynne has purchased two terawatts of unneeded power a year for seven years from Quebec.

The liberals should of bought cheap Quebec hydro 10 years ago so were not buying unneeded power now and exporting more surplus power due to the intermittent power produced by wind and solar which has to be back up by gas and nuclear plants which makes the grid impossible to manage efficiently remember premier Wynne has been in cabinet since the start of this crisis and now premier Wynne is imposing a cap and trade tax (cash grab) on us which some experts say will have little effect on the environment.


By Ross Ayotte

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