Hodiskeagehda (Men’s Fire): Six Nation of the Grand River Territory

Dear editor,

RE: Niagara Reinforcement line

Men’s Fire of the Six Nations Grand River Territory wish to express to this community, the actual frame work surrounding the Hydro Towers in Caledonia, to be crossing Plank Road. Via NRL.

It is with much regret to have to decline the offer made by Six Nation Grand River Development Corporation. This particular item has been on the table since the latter part of the 1974, Plank road hydro towers were taken down, and as such were brought back to the table 2006, potentially to be used to negotiate the land claims. Matt Jamieson CEO of SNGRDC has been in talks with the province and federal government on our behalf to benefit our community. Mr. Jamieson released a letter to this effort Oct 18, 2017.

Men’s Fire were approached November 10, 2106, and asked to present a proposal to allow the lines to be installed, and using community forces to maintain the equipment, along with a cost paid to this community of $0.30 per million-kilowatt hour generated, paid to this community annually, which equity to ($3 million dollars) renewable every two years to indefinitely, no shares, no loans, no debt to be repaid. The SNGRDC’s proposal will purchase 25 per cent ownership in the NRL for approx. $13 million to be paid back over 48 years. Our Children will absorb that debt. Also, at the meeting of the Hodiskeagehda November 10, 2016, Attendees Linda Parker, Bill Monture, George Garlow, Wayne Vanevery, Gun Loft, Bob Frank, Hydro guys Dean Command, Frank Bajc, Chris Benedetti (Queen Park Rep) stated they would fund a campaign to assure that a consensus was met from this community. Offered to pay $40 to $60 thousand to go door-to-door and solicit the communities support. As we all know this is only a proposal and would have numerous tweaks associated with it. I believe our community deserves more than debt to success, and would have a much more viable future, by utilizing our nature resource, water is blessing not a commodity, by which to sell back to the ones that own the land and water rights. I urge you to consider all possibilities, when signing this agreement, as the next five-generation must be considered.

  • Personally our vote is NO.
  • Respectfully submitted


The Men’s Fire of the Six Nations Territory of the Grand River

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