Letter to Editor: Treaties are the supreme law

Now that our treaties are the supreme law of Turtle Island; trespassing, harassment by police, and politicians take on a more serious threat to colonialists in their practices of alienation, and harassment — acts of oppression and suppression of native peoples.

I am speaking directly to the 542 years of recorded genocide enacted against us native peoples. The genocide is in every aspect of our lives, before birth and even after we have passed on, our names are used to commit acts of crimes such as forgery, creating fraudulent documents, such as my status card having been recorded to have been replaced more than one hundred times when I have only replaced my status card twice.

I still had a status card that didn’t have an expiry date. It was stolen. Then I lost my status card at the taxi office — go figure. That is to say I had three, and with the new legislation requiring an updated status card (which is to say I am a Treaty Native) that makes four.

And now I heard through the grapevine we are about to get a chip-secure status card with who knows what will be on it. Voice Recognition, “Parker” size, or blood test. Who knows?


Graham Porter-Hill

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