Multiple Dog Attacks on 7th Line

SIX NATIONS — Norma VanEvery is a pet lover and has had to endure the brutal mutilations of two of her animals and the dismemberment of a cat in a cage by a band of rez-dogs that roam her River Range neighbourhood.

When concerns and complaints made to council and elsewhere were not being dealt with, in her opinion, she decided to go public and wonders if anyone else along River Range, 7th Line Road have had any similar issues.

In a letter sent to Six Nations Police Services, Elected Band Council Six Nations Animal Control regarding the death of her pets which reads:

On February 52018 a pack of dogs came onto my property and killed my CollieOn July 30, 2018 a pack of about 8 dogs came onto my property and killed another of our dogsA cage was put out (by the animal control) to catch a stray cat and when a cat entered the cage the pack of dogs killed the cat in the cage and dragged the cage toward the roadThe 3 vicious deaths of the animals has happened within the last 6 months. I have 16 cameras covering the outside of my home and I have video that shows the vicious killer dogs.

What can you do to help?

The first time the dogs attacked my Collie it cost $1,200 in vet fees to save herThe uncontrolled vicious dog pack came back and killed her on February 52018. Shouldn’t the vet fees be the responsibility of the dog pack owners? There should be a rule that makes a dog owner liable for the actions of their dogs. Another rule should state that all dogs be confined to their owner’s property.

Shouldn’t these vicious killer dogs be put down?

This community has young children who are at risk of attack by these dogs. Can you speed up the process of finding the killer dogs and put them down before a child gets attacked? School will be back in session soon which means possibly more dog attacksI was waiting for my Grandson to get off the bus in May of this year and a Rottweiler type dog came charging at him, he screamed and ran past me and when the dog seen me he stoppedMy home is protected by a fence and two gates and the dogs still come in.

How do I protect my family and animals from this vicious pack of dogs? How will you protect the community?

Thank you for all your help in advance,

Yours truly,

NVan Every

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