Native Americans of the 7th generation

Dear Editors,
My name is Tiffany Henhawk, I am an enrolled member of Six Nations in Ontario, Canada. I am 16-years-old, a member of the Turtle clan and a jingle dress dancer. My grandparents were Audrey Johnthan and Merlin Cook. They were enrolled in boarding schools. My grandmother is Canadian, she went to the Mush Hole boarding school. My grandfather went to the Thomas Indian Boarding school. Many of the 7th generation lost our heritage of being Native American, respect of our traditions and respecting one another as a family.

I would like to utilize my experience that my grandparents and elders taught me to show and give respect not only to mother earth, but our people, as well. Being in this generation is tough knowing we are at risk of losing our traditions.

Drugs and alcohol have been destroying our population and traditions. I want to inspire us to be drug and alcohol free, so our minds and bodies can be clean and healthy. I try my best to stay positive by learning our language and ways. I participate in socials and gatherings as I can.

I respect myself, respect our people and the environment around me. I want to inspire us Native Americans of the 7th generation to do the same. So we can be a stronger than we were before and so we can carry our traditions to the next generation.

I hope my message gets out and inspires people.

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