No Hustle, No bustle

We all live under pressure.

In one way or another, each one of us is bound to feel an obligation to something that must be fulfilled. Whether we do these things willingly while not wanting to, or robotically without knowing why — humans hustle and bustle most days of our lives, and especially every winter.

”Tis the season!” Running around, rushing to meet deadlines, preparing for end of year, and often putting everyone else’s needs before our own as we shift to the final cycle of the year and a fresh start to the new year.

Maybe not all do this hustling and bustling against their will, but there’s no debating or escaping the season of “giving”. We cannot forget to give to ourselves as well, and really dissect the lines that define what giving really means.

In my eyes, were sitting in the season of No Hustle No Bustle (though I fall victim to the giving as well).

Simply put: we are a part of Nature! Too often I have to remind myself to constantly observe the Natural World around me, and to follow her lead.

During this time of year I feel overloaded mentally, physically and financially. Although I’m “obligated” to a certain amount of hustle and bustle myself, my emotions seem to be the biggest job to do during this time.

I began to wonder — is it the overload that has me stressing? Or is it the disconnect with Nature? Perhaps I need to take cue and sync my energies to the ones all around me.

Rest. Reflect. Just put it all on hold for a little while. Keep the spirit of giving but also make like a tree; just chill out until it’s time to start moving again.

The snow won’t stop until Nature decides, and spring won’t come any quicker — so bundle up and hunker down.

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