OPINION: Trump needs to try on a suit his own size

There are many things problematic about President Trump; he is a narcissist, misogynist, and Nazi-supporter. An elitist for sure, posing as a working man.  A “dotard” according to the President of North Korea, Kim Jong-Un whom Trump called “Little Rocket Man” on Twitter.

Trump was also the oldest president to ever be sworn in — which wouldn’t be a problem if he aged with grace and wisdom. Donald Trump seems to have aged like a fine Limburger cheese.

It’s difficult to watch the walking example of privilege self-destruct in front of everyone. It has been estimated the current worth of the American military to be somewhere around $10 trillion. Donald Trump is the Commander-in-Chief of that war machine. Scary.

Despite all of these flaws, Donald Trump’s greatest failure could be the ill-fitting suits he constantly wears.

America is racist — we know that. America is greedy —  we also know that. But since when has an American billionaire dressed so badly? Someone needs to tell Trump’s tailor to stop watching The Sopranos reruns and get rid of some of that extra fabric. Slim fit is in Trump – that’s just one more reason why you are out.

Maybe he is trying to hide behind these giant suits, but it isn’t working. This isn’t about his weight either, a jacket that is tailored to his exact dimensions would still look great.

In a US Thanksgiving tradition this Tuesday, Trump was pardoning a Turkey on CNN and his pink and red stripe tie looked really sharp. But for someone with a nearly unlimited budget it’s amazing that his suit guy doesn’t tell him he needs to snug it up a little.


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