Re: Position of Owatsa?t tha Family

Letter to HDI dated August 27, 2015

Re: Position of Owatsa?t tha Family

You are in receipt of this letter, due to the alarming facts of information received by our family here in Oneida Nation Territory.

You are all aware that our family title is one of the 49 clan families within the structure of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy of Chiefs

K^tyohkwanha sta

Solar Farm Proposals (Amherstburg, Belmont, St. Clair-Moore, St. Clair-Sombra, Walpole)

The Owatsa?t tha family reviewed 5 solar farm proposals that were discussed with members of the HDI Corporation (2438543) and a member of Oneida Nation. This member is Al Day, he is an ex-official of the elected system and has been for many years until the people lost faith in his leadership, now he sits with the On^yota a:ka Lotiyaneshu.

On May 17, 2011 First Solar met with representatives of the Haudenosaunee Confederacy, including Chief Al Day of Oneida Nation of the Thames. As requested by Chief Day, consultation with Oneida Nation of the Thames will be undertaken through the Haudenosaunee Confederacy.

We the Owatsa?t tha family are opposed to Al Day or any other persons or corporations misrepresenting/misleading the public that our family is in support of their actions with these above mentioned solar farms, and using our family name to benefit only himself or anyone that he represents. We are telling anyone who believes they have the authority and who continue this practice of oppression on our family. Stop this action immediately. We will never agree with this practice. We also know, no one Chief or person has the right to sell or lease any land, because we are only to use the land and protect it for the future and the unborn.

Action to Support a Foreign System

It is understood by the Owatsa?t tha family, titleholders must not step out of their circle and accept a foreign government for any purpose, this type of action is clearly opposite our Kanierakowa (Great Law). When this action is taken, by a title holder, then it must be understood the titleholder must not take and use their family titles within the foreign system.

There is no one title holder that speaks for the whole Nation. No right is given to one individual to exercise his right or jurisdiction over the lands held and occupied by any other Nation of Haudenosaunee people. Yet we see clearly this is the present action of HDI/HCCC.

The 1701 Treaty is not to be used for personal gain, yet this is what we are seeing happen with the HDI Corporation (2438543) and the HCCC. The Owatsa?t tha is not in agreement with this action.

End Result of Action taken Against the Great Law and Haudenosaunee Nations

1. Who will be responsible to pay taxes on the land that is being leased to foreign businesses, after the contract date has expired?
2. Who understands the corporate system well enough to ensure the 1701 treaty lands being jeopardized by the HDI/HCCC will never be taken by the Foreign Governments.
3. The titleholders brought out by the guise of money and greed should be held accountable by the family lines they represent.
4. Every Nation needs to stand up and take action against the ones responsible for changing the natural laws of possession and landscape of the Haudenosaunee Nations forever.

The two families Thanahak tha and Teyowakw t are in support of our position

Owatsa?t tha/Bear Clan
Thanahak tha/Turtle Clan
Teyohakw t/Wolf Clan

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