Referendum – to participate or no?

Participation in the referendum on January 10, 2015 at Six Nations Polytechnic accepts the Band Council’s authority to govern over the moral and ethical affairs, and mission of the People of the Six Nations (Ohswekenron:nen).

A referendum is a way Power Elites confirm that they have consulted with populations, and then do what they want anyway. A white activist named Saul Alinsky said long ago that Power Elites do not want to move and need to be pushed.

Opponents of Band Council’s authority to regulate alcohol sales on Six Nations should shut down the vote. Remember what Ghandi said (to paraphrase)–if we feel strongly opposed to something, go ahead and be the active opposition, instead of hiding behind peace to disguise our impotence.

The Band Council cannot be the moral compass at Six Nations. The mothers are the moral compass here.

Dr. Thohahoken Michael Doxtater,
Faculty, Social Sciences,
Six Nations Polytechnic.
Ohsweken ON

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