The Good Fight

Lots of weather we’ve been having lately!

I know you might be thinking, “Another weather article?” It’s definitely how I feel like I’ve been writing about it for weeks—but it’s been so forthcoming lately that I can’t help but lose my hat in its whirlwinds of metaphors.

This flurry of mixed seasons we’ve been experiencing as of late has had my mind wandering to a very familiar state of being.

The recent fluctuations in weather are very reminiscent of myself and the waves I personally go through during a state of change. However, we’re not just talking about any state of change: it’s a very specific type.

It’s the kind of change that you know without a doubt to be coming; it is inevitable. In addition, you’ve known for some time of it’s inevitability, it comes completely at no surprise. Yet, for me, I tend to resist these changes all the same, kicking and screaming the entire way.

Why is it that I fight the shift, even if I know it’s for the greater good, or quite simply just meant to be?

Could it be fear of the unknown? Mistrust in formerly promised outcomes? Skepticism of the “truth”?

Despite these reservations, I still know deep down inside of me, with every last instinct, the way it should go and will go. And without hesitation, resistance rears its ugly head without a moment’s delay.

This human-natural, internal battle got me to thinking.

My internal peace has been contingent on me telling myself: “don’t fight change”. But today, I discovered a new way of thinking.

Maybe my mottos are also shifting in change—just like winter into spring, and it’s tempered weather patterns.

Maybe, my changed (or shifted) motto is now: “embrace the fight in change”.

Without the fight, we wouldn’t appreciate being in the new change of state as much, and hence, wouldn’t fully appreciate the new state as a whole. Aka: we wouldn’t even realize that anything changed.

When we fight, we are scarred with the memory of the struggle: the battles endured to overcome the obstacle; the blood, sweat, and tears. Much like the cracked roads in spring, or the scorched wheat fields in the heat of midsummer, sometimes we’re subjected to adjust to a change of state before we’re prepared or even beyond our capabilities. Just like those cracked roads, we all survive the shift, holding together in a battered body.

The road to success and fulfillment is all about the process, the steps it takes to get there. It is about experiencing the entire journey every step of the way, and learning to fall in love with it!

When you find yourself in times of struggle or resistance, remember you’re going through a part of the journey, a crack in the road that you now have time to fill in heal in the warmth and sunshine. Remember this quote:

“Nothing I’ve ever had that’s worth having has come without a fight,” Layla Black.

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