Soccer tournament at Oshweken

OSHWEKEN – It was a gloomy day weather-wise last Wednesday, but the air was filled with positive energy and excitement. Students were happy to be outside in a friendly competition instead of being cooped up inside a classroom.

Lloyd S. King, Oliver M. Smith, Jamieson, I.L.Thomas, Emily C. General, and Kawenni:io Elementary schools all participated in a day-long soccer tournament in Oshweken. Parents sat on the bleachers and lawn chairs, and were cheering students on from the sidelines.


“Despite the weather, it was nice watching the kids play, slipping and sliding everywhere. It was very entertaining”, said Eli Hill, a parent enjoying the game and a day off of work.

The tournament began with primary-age soccer players, competing until two teams were left. Oliver M. Smith took home the gold, and Kawenni:io the silver award. The Junior-aged students played afterwards, with Lloyd S.K. taking home the gold.

Student and mid-field player Selina Keye said, “It was fun. I almost scored a goal!”

Kylee Keye, planning forward, agreed: “It was good. I almost scored a goal, too! I like playing with my team.” Cousins Selina and Kylee, showed great sportsmanship, saying the other teams played well.

Parents and kids agreed that it was a great day, despite the rainy weather days before.

“Kids are having fun and happy, and the weather and the field held up,” says parent Andrew Brown.

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