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  • New Brunswick opposition to fracking continues0

    Despite the vicious RCMP-led raid which culminated in the arrests of 40 people – four of whom have still not been released since October 17th – on-the-ground opposition to seismic testing in Kent County, New Brunswick, continues.

    On Monday, November 5th, an event marketed as a march for ‘Unity and Solidarity’ took place in Fredericton, New Brunswick, where activists have erected a longhouse and continue to keep a sacred fire lit opposite the provincial Legislature House.

  • Ontario’s shale-gas: The next ‘fracking’ frontier?0

    With the consciousness of people in Canada taken up a notch on the issue of “fracking” by the Mi’kmaq-led resistance in New Brunswick, it’s only a matter of time before people’s sights and struggles shift to the next major shale-gas frontier: Ontario. The US Energy Information Administration estimated in 2013 that there were 573 trillion cubic feet of recoverable natural gas in Canada.