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  • The Creator doesn’t make garbage2

    Previously I’ve shared stories of the extreme bullying I endured in childhood while growing up down the bush. Sadly, my story is familiar to many people. In fact after I shared my story a lot of people emailed and said that similar situations keep them away from returning to the rez to this day. For

  • Multi-Cultural Food for Thought: An Ode to Canada Day.1

    My “Canadian Friends” were taught to value their Canadian culture and to de-value the things “Six Nay Me” values! On the flip side I was taught to value my “Six Nay Me” culture and to despise my “Canadian Friends” values. “Multi-Cultural” school my foot! No one ever instructed us on how to practically empathize with one another’s stories or to respect each other’s sufferings. We were never taught how to effectively engage with “the other culture” using tact and real understanding. Sadly, while learning to survive in our society, we became the pillars of our cultures that fortify the chasm between us and keep it gaping wide open.

  • Medical Ethics Respecting the Haudenosaune & Two Row Wampum7

    The Two Row Wampum as I understand it describes the movement over time of two vessels, a ship and a canoe, travelling in parallel down the river of life. The ship represents the settler societies of Turtle Island, such as Canada and the US, and the canoe represents the Onkwehon:we people.

  • Initiating the white man0

    It’s an exciting time for rez families when a non-native person is seeking initiation. It is the proverbial turned table of colonization, and it typically begins a very long process of humiliation for the non-native person. How you ask? We tease them. And then we re-tell the story of their humiliation over and over like a war story to all our other Ongwehowe friends and relatives and then they all laugh too. Non-native friends take note: in most cases if you’ve made it this far…you’re in.

  • BREAKING NEWS: Iroquois Caucus rejects First Nations Education Act26

    The Iroquois Caucus announced today that they have signed a Declaration unanimously rejecting the Harper government’s proposed First Nations Education Act.

  • A good old fashioned Indian Donut recipe4

    ‘Nu-Yah’ is fast approaching and is synonymous with Indian Donuts here on Six. This is one I am settled on although I have been known to add raisins much to my family’s dismay. This is the most basic recipe I’ve found. Give it a try!