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  • Cat Lake

    Cat Lake0

    CAT LAKE – Cat Lake, originally known as Lynx Narrows, was the smallest community we visited. It has 400-500 people living on reserve and 612 band members. The First Nation calls itself Bizhiw-zaaga’iganiwininiwag meaning “Men of Wild-cat Lake” or as Bizhiw-zaaga’iganiing Nitam Anishinaabeg meaning “The First Nation at Wild-cat Lake,” where wild-cat refers to the

  • Northern Fun: Pikangikum

    Northern Fun: Pikangikum0

    PIKANGIKUM – As we travelled from community to community we were warned about staying overnight in Pikangikum. We were told how rough it was, how dangerous it was, and it happened often enough that we decided to stay overnight in Sioux Lookout instead. But after the first hour in the community this is a decision

  • Sandy Lake, Deer Lake, Pikangikum, Cat Lake

    Sandy Lake, Deer Lake, Pikangikum, Cat Lake0

    NORTHERN ONTARIO – Last week, I had the pleasure, honour, privilege, and opportunity to travel with the Dreamcatcher Foundation to four fly-in communities in Northern Ontario. Each year since 2010, the Dreamcatcher Foundation has donated playgrounds to different fly-in communities in Northern Ontario.  To date they have donated 17 playgrounds. The communities who received playgrounds

  • Northern Fun: Sandy Lake

    Northern Fun: Sandy Lake0

    SANDY LAKE, ON – We arrived in Sandy Lake on Monday afternoon. Our tiny little plane landed on the dirt runway and on one hand you quickly realized how little and how much the community had all at the same time. It was impossible to speed on the roads in Sandy Lake because the condition