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  • Mainstream Media racist attack on Makayla Sault case just to sell newspapers7

    We in the indigenous world are so familiar with mainstream media ‘Spam’-flavoured framing on stories dealing with indigenous matters, that for the most part we don’t even take mainstream news seriously anymore. How often are indigenous truths spun out of control from the work of a network journalist? When was the last time network news covered an indigenous story and you walked away going, Wow! What an accurate portrayal of what is going on with my people’?

  • Latent Racism and Blatant Racism2

    I am never quite sure if there is a real difference. “Latent” is defined as not visible or dormant. Well, to those of us who feel the effects of this sentiment, almost nothing is missed or ‘not visible.’ Even the dormant talk in their sleep.

  • Article puts Cleveland Indians racism in proper context2

    An article highlighting a controversial image released by the National Congress of American Indians has been circulating on Facebook this week. The poster uses fabricated mascots to expose the inherent racism behind the Cleveland Indians name and logo. Opponents of this article have attempted to derail the issue by raising the Fighting Irish as an