Local youth invited to Nike lacrosse training camp

For 15 year-old Jayden Bomberry, this summer was a dream come true. She was one of 50 teen girls and the only female indigenous athlete…

J.C. Hill and Jamieson Elementary Oral Communications Winners

J.C. Hill and Jamieson Elementary held their annual Oral Communication presentation last Thursday and the votes are in.

Walk With Us campaign brings lacrosse to Edmonton kids

EDMONTON – The Arrows Express Sports’ ‘Walk With Us’ campaign, powered by Under Armor Sports Clothing, went on the road with the National Lacrosse League’s…

Florida High School gives racist pow-wow lesson to pre-schoolers

A racist video depicting caucasian youth impersonating a pow-wow is circulating around the internet this week and landed in the hands of indigenous media.

Jamieson Toy Bingo, scores another big hit

SIX NATIONS – Jamieson Elementary School held its annual Toy Bingo Saturday, which was very well attended by Six Nations and area Christmas Toy shoppers.

School District to negotiate special education services contract with the St. Regis Tribe.

The Massena Central School District recently announced that the district has been authorized to retain legal counsel to renegotiate an agreement between the district and…