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Stan Martin
Stan Martin

SIX NATIONS – There are few remaining non-chemical natural farmers left on Six Nations. Stan Martin is one of them. Martin has been operating his family farm on Six Nations for the past 20 years. 

People tend to rely on store bought foods but traditionally, Native people did not rely on outside influences for food. It’s important to realize this and get back to a traditional lifestyle and traditional diet and that’s why it’s important for people of Six Nations to grow their own food in natural ways. Stan Martin’s cow manure compost is 100% natural.

So what is manure good for? Martin stated that manure is good for soil additives, which produces healthy plant growth. Soil on Six Nations tends to be filled mostly with clay in many areas so by adding manure compost to the existing soil, it will help plants grow to be healthy and plentiful.

Martin stressed that there are no pesticides in his compost. His compost comes from his own cattle’s manure which he raised on his farm. They are not fed genetically modified organisms, or GMO’s. He also grows his own hay on his farm to feed his cattle, also without the use of pesticides.

Besides cow manure compost, Martin also sells freezer beef, chickens and eggs. Martin sells his manure compost to organizations like the Six Nations farmers market but said he mostly sells to home gardeners.
Customers can pick up their own manure compost or he will also deliver.

Martin feels his business is growing more and more every year, mostly by word of mouth. In his third year of operation now, he finds he is making more and more compost every year.

Stan Martin would like to encourage local gardeners to buy great quality, pesticide-free, local Six Nations compost. “Gardening doesn’t have to be hard,” stated Martin. For a healthy garden contact Stan Martin for 100% natural compost. His farm is located at 1612 4th Line just outside the village of Ohsweken and he can be reached at 519-445-0942 or on his cell at 519-761-0942.

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