Tanya Tagaq reinvents throat singing at Hamilton Place

Its throat singing… but different. It is very difficult to describe what Tanya Tagaq actually does. But one thing for sure is that it will be a very unique experience when the Polaris Prize-winning vocalist performs her audio-magic at the Molson Canadian Studio at Hamilton Place, Nov. 15th, at 8 pm. The concert is part of the Hamilton World Music Series.

Tagaq was born and raised in the high arctic in Cambridge Bay, Nunavut. She first started experimenting with traditional throat singing when she was about 20, but added other elements to the rhythmic sounds borrowed from other forms of music. The result is mesmerizing and hypnotic, as she takes the human voice to other worlds and brings the audience right along with her.

In addition to winning Canada to other worlds and brings the aTagaqdi unique vocalizations have caught the attention of Icelandic superstar Björk, who has invited her on tour and asked her to sing on some of her recordings.

Tagaq has released four critically acclaimed albums, beginning with Sinaa (2005), Auk/Blood (2008), a live recording called unuraaqutuq in 2010 and her latest creation, Animism, which she won the 2014 Polaris Prize for.

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