Traditional Dancing Classes at Emily C General

Traditional Dancing Classes at Emily C General
Community members come out to learn social dance songs at ECG (Photo by Jen MtPleasant)

Traditional dancing classes are being offered at Emily C. General School, which started last week. Put on by Six Nations Health Promotion & Nutrition Services, the classes are free and are being held every Thursday evenings from 6-7pm for the next three weeks. This event is a trial run to see how much of a demand exists for people wanting to learn social dance songs. If the numbers are high enough, there may be permanent classes.

Last Thursday’s class saw about 30 people come out. Traditional Dancing Instructor, Tia Schindler told the crowd she has been dancing since she was a small child and was a member of her uncle Jim Sky’s, Iroquois Dance Troupe, which travelled across Canada and the United States performing traditional Haudenosaunee dances. Schindler just returned from a 5-day trip to Holland where she shared social dances at The Western Experience in Den Bosch, Netherlands.

Registration is free and for more info you can call 519-445-2809.

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